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Digital Signal Processing

Principal lecturer: Dr Markus Kuhn
Taken by: Part II
Past exam questions

Study materials


Problems in the printed handouts that are fixed in the above PDFs:

  • slide 29: “(2k+1)π” should read “(2k+1)π/2”
  • slide 33: “ejωt+φ” should read “ej(ωt+φ)

Demonstration and exercise materials

The material on audio-visual coding (last 4 lectures) was presented in previous years as part of the Part II Information Theory and Coding course. Therefore, exam questions 2003 Paper 7 Question 8 (a), 2004 Paper 7 Question 8 (c,d), 2004 Paper 8 Question 10 (c), and 2005 Paper 8 Question 10 (d) of that course are also related to material now covered in Part II DSP.

Supervision information