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Part IB Assessed Exercise Briefing

Principal lecturer: Dr Steven Hand
Taken by: Part IA CST


The purpose of this briefing lecture is to describe the IB Java Tick 0, an assessed exercise to be undertaken by all students who intend to read Part IB of the Computer Science Tripos in the next academic year. It is assessed as part of the second year Tripos examination.

The summer programming work serves to give students some hands-on experience of Java programming so that the second year courses on advanced programming techniques does not leave them completely bewildered!


The IB Java Tick 0 exercise uses a file which can be downloaded here. Note that the style in which this is written is a little different than what you may have seen in previous courses; however you should hopefully still be able to understand it by reading the code and comments and documentation.

The handout is available as a 1up PDF.


There are currently no errata.