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Discrete Mathematics I

Principal lecturer: Dr Peter Sewell
Taken by: Part IA CST, Part IA NST, Part I PPS

This is a new course in 2008, so the previous Discrete Maths I exam questions are mostly not relevant. Please see the exercises instead.

The notes for on-line reading (in colour, pdf).

The notes as printed (largely monochrome, pdf).

There are exercise sheets at the end of the notes.

The slides (included in the notes).


  • In Question 13 of Exercise Sheet 1, delete the second negation symbol.
  • In Question 2(b) of Exercise Sheet 2, z also ranges over people in California.
  • In Question 3(f) of Exercise Sheet 2, add a closing parenthesis at the end.
  • In Question 1(c) of Exercise Sheet 3, the second Q should be R.
  • In Question 4 of Exercise Sheet 3, insert x after the first exists symbol and parentheses around the forall x.P(x) on the right hand side.
  • In Question 11(c) of Exercise Sheet 4, the question mark should be an exists symbol.
  • In Question 12 of Exercise Sheet 4, replace "directed graph" by "directed acyclic graph".
  • In Question 3 of Exercise Sheet 5, replace 180 by 180*(n-2).