Churchill College, standard room

Accommodation options

There are several accommodation options in Cambridge. From the 23rd of August to the 27th of August we have block-booked 80 rooms at Churchill College because their accommodation is the closest to the conference venue. If you decide to book with Churchill College, please make sure you fill in the code provided; this will give you a 10% discount on their normal price. Alternatively, you can stay in town (e.g., hotel, airbnb, other colleges). However, please do keep in mind that Cambridge can be very crowded with tourists over summer, so we recommend you to book your accommodation as early as possible. 


Conference venue

The conference will take place in Lecture Theater 1, at the Computer Laboratory, 15 JJ Thomson Avenue, Cambridge CB3 0FD, United Kingdom. We recommend to take the location of the conference venue into account when deciding where to stay.

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