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Kauai, Hawaii

HICSS 2016: Credibility Assessment and Screening Technologies (CAST)

5-8 Januari 2016, Kauai, Hawaii


Analyzing messages for deception in online and in-person interactions is a challenging and sometimes daunting task. Examples where deception detection is essential range from port-of-entry screening to fraud investigations to countering spear-phishing attacks. Security personnel face the difficult task of separating the few individuals who may pose a threat from the numerous individuals who pose no threat, all while maintaining consistent and efficient flow of traffic.

This symposium offers a stimulating forum among academic researchers, local, state and federal law enforcement, intelligence experts and information security workers who are interested in assessing credibility and deception detection. New tools, technologies, processes and procedures will be discussed and debated concerning their efficiency, effectiveness, and usefulness for aiding in credibility assessment and deception detection.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of relevant topics:

  • Promising online and in-person screening technologies
  • Interviewing and elicitation strategies
  • Training and awareness techniques
  • Organization structures and incentives for ensuring information security
  • Alerting and notification systems
  • Human-computer systems for credibility assessment
  • Scalable technologies supporting port-of-entry security
  • Theories and techniques for alerting, addressing, and preventing security breaches
  • Case studies and applications of credibility assessment technologies
  • Risk assessment and mitigation in communication technologies
  • Auditing and fraud detection
  • Behavioral issues in credibility assessment


Important dates HICSS workshop:

What? When?
Full paper 31 July 2015
Acceptance notification 31 October 2015
Camera ready papers 30 November 2015
Workshop Credibility Assessment 4 & 5 January 2016
HICSS conference, Kauai, Hawaii 5-8 January 2016


The workshop is organised by Jay Nunamaker Jr. (University of Arizona), Judee Burgoon (University of Arizona), Matthew Jensen (University of Oklahoma), Thomas Meservy (Brigham Young University), and Jeffrey Proudfoot (University of Arizona).

Interested? Click here for more information about the credibility assessment workshop, organised at HICSS 2016. Any questions you may have can be directed at symposium|AT|cmi.arizona.edu (replace |AT| with @)

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