About Cambridge

King's Chapel. Photo by Johannes Hjorth

Cambridge is a beautiful old University town, and is situated around the river Cam. The city is known for its University, which was founded in 1209 and has 31 colleges, all founded between the 13th and the 20th century. Most of the colleges that are located in the city centre are situated in beautiful old buildings and can be visited with or without a small admission fee. Here you can find 58 reasons why Cambridge is such a wonderful city, and worth a visit!


Dining and drinking in Cambridge

Activities in Cambridge

  • A visit to King's Chapel, the 2nd largest chapel in the world and a gorgeous example of late Gothic architecture (1446)
  • Go punting on the river Cam 
  • Discover the city centre and its colleges just by strolling around, or more organised by doing one of the available tours
  • Cambridge has several museums worthwile a visit, such as the wonderful Fitzwilliam museum, the Botanic gardens, and the Museum of Computing History where you can play old-school computer games all day long
  • On a budget? Here are some activities that you can do for free
  • Check what's on, and visit a play in one of the many theatres


Want more information? Why not visit the Tourist Information Centre?

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