Abstract Submission

General submission and format information

We invite people to submit an abstract on topics related to deceptive behavior, such as cues to deceit, methods to detect deception, preventing deception, interview techniques, the use of technology, biases, malingering, self-deception, etc. We also invite people to submit papers on the more socially acceptable versions of deception, such as white lies, poker, and magic, and presentations discussing the trade-off between privacy and security.

There are three types of submissions: oral presentations (18 minutes + time for questions), panel presentations (a selection of short, 8-10 minute presentations on a related topic followed by a panel discussion), and poster presentations. You can individually apply for a panel presentation; the program committee will group talks on related topics together to create panel sessions. If you feel your topic fits in well with the work of a specific colleague, you can email your suggestion to 2015decepticon|AT|gmail.com.

The conference will be run completely plenary, because one of the main aims of this conference is to create a platform for deception researchers and to learn about research that is conducted outside of your own field. The poster session is scheduled for Monday afternoon and will be combined with a reception, see program.


Submitting an abstract

Abstract submission is now closed. Authors were invited to submit an abstract (max. 300 words) for an oral presentation, a panel presentation or a poster presentation on the topic they would like to present during the conference. Authors were welcome to submit empirical work, theoretical pieces or case-studies on a deceptive behavior-related topic. Most of the audience will exist of deception experts, or people who show an interest in deception research and its applications, so think about the message you would specifically like to get across to this audience. We encourage people to not just discuss the results of a single study, but also think about the main message and conclusions that can be derived from your work..

All abstracts will be judged by two members of the scientific committee and based on these judgments, a conference program will be assembled. All authors will receive feedback on their abstract by the 1st of June 2015. Important, each accepted abstract must be covered by at least one author's paid registration by the 1st of July 2015.

You can view your submission here through our conference management system. In order to submit an abstract, authors needed to create an account. Authors were asked to provide a title, abstract and co-authors with their affiliations. Note that the reviewing process is double-blind, so we asked authors to ensure no identifying information was present in the abstract.

To register and pay for the conference, please click here.

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