Peter Sewell

Professor of Computer Science and EPSRC Leadership Fellow, Computer Laboratory, University of Cambridge. Fellow of Wolfson college. Member of the Cambridge Programming, Logic, and Semantics Group.

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Principles in Practice

PiP 2014: Principles in Practice will be co-located with POPL 2014 on Saturday 25 January, 2014 in San Diego.

Researcher and Research Engineer Positions in Rigorous Engineering for Mainstream Systems (REMS)

We expect to recruit several more postdoctoral researcher and postgraduate research engineer positions for REMS project (the previous call has closed).



My research aims to put the engineering of real-world computer systems on solid foundations, developing techniques -both mathematically rigorous and pragmatically useful- to enable the construction of systems that are better-understood, more robust, and more secure. To do this requires tightly integrated theoretical and practical research, spanning a range of Computer Science. This is, broadly, applied semantics: I work in programming languages, networking, and security, developing and using techniques from semantics, type systems, automated reasoning, and concurrency theory.

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Jade Alglave Mair Allen-Williams Peter Boehm Gavin Bierman Adam Biltcliffe Steve Bishop Gian Luca Cattani Michael Dales Mike Dodds Matthew Fairbairn Pierre Habouzit Michael Hicks Sam Jansen James Leifer Sela Mador-Haim Luc Maranget Michael Norrish Scott Owens Gilles Peskine Benjamin Pierce Tom Ridge Susmit Sarkar Jaroslav Sevcik Mark Shinwell Michael Smith Thomas Tuerk Viktor Vafeiadis Jan Vitek Keith Wansbrough Stephanie Weirich Francesco Zappa Nardelli Steve Zdancewic

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