Problem sets & past papers

I have written up some notes on how to answer questions. These notes tell you what I am looking for when I mark an answer. They also give some tips on what to do when you are confronted by an exam question.

This year's problem sets and coursework

Last year's problem sets

Past exams

The syllabus changes slightly every year, and I have moved all the suitable questions into this year's problem sets. However, these exams do give you a sense of the style of question to expect.

Before 2005/2006 I did not teach this course. For 2005/2006 and 2006/2007, I taught half the course, and the files here reflect only the half of the course that I taught. Full exam papers are available at the UCL library exam archive, though they may not reflect the current structure of the course.

Even if you can't complete a question in the exam you should still show your working; I will award marks if I can see that you've taken the right approach. When I ask you to 'explain' an equation, you should say what each of the terms represents, and give a rough argument (up to three sentences or so) about why the terms are combined in the way they are.