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This page lists the current and past members of the NetOS group.


Jon Crowcroft
Jon Crowcroft Jon Crowcroft has been the Marconi Professor of Communications Systems in the Computer Laboratory since October 2001. He worked on Internet support for multimedia communications for two decades. Three main topics of interest have been scalable multicast routing, practical approaches to traffic management, and the design of useful end-to-end protocols. Nowadays, he works on mobile, opportunistic, social, low energy, privacy preserving systems.
(7)63633 | FN13
Richard Gibbens
Richard Gibbens Richard Gibbens is a University Senior Lecturer. His research interests are in the modelling of computer and communication systems. He lectures courses on Continuous Mathematics and Computer Systems Modelling as well as supervising a broad range of courses in mathematics and computer science.
(3)35399 | FE05
David Greaves
David Greaves David Greaves is a Senior University Lecturer undertaking research in system specification with emphasis on interconnection, networking and component assembly. He has worked on tools for hardware RTL synthesis using model checkers and automated provers and is now applying these techniques to more general software systems.
(3)34636 | FN12
Tim Griffin
Tim Griffin Timothy Griffin has been a University Lecturer in the Computer Laboratory since January 2005. Previously Tim had been a researcher with Intel Research, AT&T Research, and Bell Laboratories. Tim's research is currently focused on applying rigorous modelling and analysis methods to problems of network design and network protocol design, especially Internet routing protocols.
(3)34431 | FE25
Ian Leslie
Ian Leslie Ian Leslie is a Professor in the Computer Laboratory and was Head of Department from 1999 until 2004. His main interests are in operating systems and networks. His PhD, obtained in the Laboratory in 1983, was concerned with high capacity wide area networks. His approach to his research is experimental, and he has been involved in many collaborations which have built real systems, the most recent of which are the Nemesis operating system and the Tempest networking environment.
(3)34658 | FN16
Anil Madhavapeddy
Anil Madhavapeddy Anil Madhavapeddy is a University Lecturer and a Fellow of Wolfson College. His research interests are at the intersection of operating systems and programming languages, and he runs the OCaml Labs initiative across the Systems Research Group and Programming Languages and Semantics group. He is an active open-source developer, most recently on the MirageOS unikernel, the Xen hypervisor, and the OCaml programming language.
(7)63611 | FW16
Cecilia Mascolo
Cecilia Mascolo Cecilia Mascolo is a Reader in Mobile Systems and a Fellow of Jesus College. Her research interests are in the areas of mobility modelling, ubiquitous computing, mobile sensing and social network analysis.
(7)63640 | FN08
Andrew Moore
Andrew Moore In 2007, Andrew moved back to the Computer Laboratory. Interests have remained focused for the last 20 years on mechanism and applications of network monitoring. In recent years network traffic identification, specifically application identification, has been a primary interest. Recently networking interests have tended to applying novel techniques, mostly drawn from the machine-learning community, and applying these to problems in the network-traffic domain. Andrew also has a keen interest in small-system optical networks (optical networks on the 100, 10, 1 meter scale, e.g., optical PCI buses.
(7)63446 | FW16
Richard Mortier
Richard Mortier Richard Mortier returned to the Computer Laboratory as a University Lecturer in 2015, having spent time at Sprint ATL, Microsoft Research, Vipadia Limited and Horizon Digital Economy Research at the University of Nottingham. Having worked on a range of network and systems measurement and management projects, he is currently interested in human-data interaction and the intersection of systems and HCI. He also enjoys contributing to Mirage and coding in OCaml when he gets a chance.
(3)34419 | FN17
Robert Watson
Robert Watson Robert is a Lecturer in Systems, Security, and Architecture at the Computer Laboratory. He leads several cross-layer research projects spanning computer architecture, compilers, program analysis, program transformation, operating systems, networking, and security. His current research looks at clean-slate CPU/software for security, software analysis and transformation, and network-stack performance and tracing. Past work includes the Capsicum capability system and TrustedBSD MAC Framework, a widely deployed OS access-control extensibility framework (now found in FreeBSD, Mac OS X, Apple iOS, Junos, and other products). Robert has strong interests in open source, and is a member of the FreeBSD Foundation board of directors.
(7)63569 | GE13


Chloë Brown
Chloë Brown
Amir Chaudhry
Amir Chaudhry Amir is a Research Associate working on the OCaml Labs and Personal Container projects. OCaml Labs is funded through a platform grant from Jane Street Capital and aims to push the language forward as a platform, making it an even more effective tool by broadening its applicability and creating community infrastructure. The Personal Container projects are funded through the Horizon Digital Economy Research Institute and aim to give users visibility and control over their lifelong digital footprint. Amir received a PhD in Neuroscience from Cambridge University and an MSci in Physics from Imperial College.
(7)63709 | FW15
Thomas Gazagnaire
Thomas Gazagnaire Thomas is a Senior Research Associate and is interested in Functional Programming and Distributed Systems. He is an OCaml hacker and is currently working on the Mirage operating system library and the Irmin distributed store.
Neal Lathia
Neal Lathia Neal is a Research Associate working on the EPSRC UBHave project.
(7)63645 | FN10
Sarfraz Nawaz
Sarfraz Nawaz Sarfraz is a Research Associate working with wireless sensor networks for smart infrastructure monitoring. His other interests include Localization, Ubiquitous and Distributed Systems. He is also associated with the Cambridge Center for Smart Infrastructure and Construction.
(7)63782 | FN01
Tassos Noulas
Tassos Noulas Tassos is a Research Associate working on Location-Based services and Complex Systems.
(7)63561 | FN06
Eiko Yoneki
Eiko Yoneki Eiko is an EPSRC Research Fellow, working on the following projects: DDDN: Data Driven Declarative Networking with MSR, Network Modelling for Epidemiology (EPSRC), RECOGNITION: Cognition for Self-awareness in a Content-Centric Networks (EU-FP7). Her group focuses on Data Centric Networking ranging from data-flow programming to content distribution networks. She has received a PhD degree from the University of Cambridge in 2006. Previously, she has spent several years with IBM (US, Japan, Italy and UK) and worked on various networking products.
(7)63743 | FE02


Aisha El-Safty
Aisha El-Safty
Desi Hristova
Desi Hristova
David Miller
David Miller
Toby Moncaster
Toby Moncaster
Myoung Jin Nam
Myoung Jin Nam
Karthik Nilakant
Karthik Nilakant
Malte Schwarzkopf
Malte Schwarzkopf
Malcolm Scott
Malcolm Scott


Tim Harris
Tim leads the Oracle Labs group in Cambridge. His research interests include parallel programming, OS / runtime-system interaction, and opportunities for specialized architecture support for particular workloads. Right now he is looking at OS and VM support for distributed runtime systems—particularly in the setting of distributed graph algorithms running on clusters.
Theodore Hong
Theodore Hong Theo is a post-doctoral Research Associate working on the SOCIALNETS project. His research interests include mobile social networks, distributed systems, and peer-to-peer networks. He received his PhD from Imperial College on grammatical inference for information extraction on the web, and is a former Marshall scholar.
(7)63555 | FN07
Dirk Trossen
Dirk Trossen Dirk is a Senior Researcher working on the PSIRP and PURSUIT project. He is the Technical Manager for both these projects that focus on information-centric internetworking architecture based on large-scale pub/sub solutions. Dirk is also involved in the EIFFEL think tank, an international initiative for the Future Internet. He furthermore holds a position as a Visiting Scientist with the ANA group at MIT CSAIL. Before joining Cambridge, Dirk was working for Nokia Research from 2000 to 2007 and for BT Research from 2007 to 2009.
(7)63576 | FE13
Vaughan Wittorff
Vaughan Wittorff Vaughan Wittorff is a long-term Visiting Academic Fellow and an independent researcher in the group. Previously Vaughan was a Senior Lecturer at Curtin University of Technology, Australia. Vaughan is working on the application and consequences of deployment of certain distributed switching protocols that provide robust de-centralised congestion control in networks, addressing the deficiencies of existing protocols.
968244 | FE07

Past Members

Past members of the NetOS group, as far back as 1995. This list may well be neither complete nor up-to-date, so please contact us if you wish to add yourself or update your link!