Ali's webpage.


I am a first year PhD student (this is, however, a bit of an overstatement. In reality, right now, I am enrolled in something called The Certificate of Postgraduate Study (CPGS) and if I manage to pass a viva---defending my proposed doctoral thesis---at the end of my first year I will then be enrolled properly for a PhD. And the part of my statement before the starting paranthesis of this rant will then retroactively be made true!) at Computer Lab under the supervision of Jon Crowcroft. I am a member of Wolfson College (yay Wolfson!). My doctoral investigation is about studying the integration of law/policy with blockchain technology---the very thing that powers the trust (and I think a few other cool things as well) in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

*This webpage is still a work in progress---like almost every other thing in the observerable universe, I presume---so apologies for the sheer simplicity.*