Computer Laboratory


The majority of my research is focused on the CHERI secure processor architecture - see the CHERI Project Page.

Research Group

I am one of the founders of the Computer Architecture Group together with Dr Robert Mullins. Please look at the group pages for a , people and publications.

Graudated Ph.D. students

I've graduated the following Ph.D. students.

In 2011, one of my students - Dr Daniel Greenfield - was awarded the distinguised dissertation award for his work on Communication Locality in Computation: Software

Group Meetings

We have a group meeting at 11am on Tuesdays during term. The open meetings are advertised.


You might also like to visit the research opportunities page.


My Ph.D. work in the early 1990s was on a multithreaded processor called Anaconda. This work was advanced by Panit Watcharawitch

During my Ph.D. I developed an interest in asynchronous circuitos and subsequently undertook research on globally asynchronous and secure asynchronous circuits (Smartcards (G3Card project) and Consumer Security Devices).

Work on GALS lead us to look at networks-on-chip (NoC) in collaboration with MIT on the SCALE Communications Proejct, a subproject of Pervasive Computing. Also, an Intel funded project looking at Multiwavelength Optical Switch Networks.

Work on NoCs and power analysis for secure hardware made us realise just how significant communication power was even on-chip, which resulted in us looking at Communication Centric Computer Design.

I have undertaken some research on teaching methods. In particular, the Verilog tutor (the Intelligent Verilog Compiler) project.

See my publications for further information.