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Additional material and further reading

Relevant course notes

Computer Design lectures.

Part IB Unix Tools, a useful reference for those unfamiliar with the Unix command line.

Further reading

SignalTap tutorial: SignalTap is a logic analyser that Quartus can build inside your FPGA, that allows you to record signals at any point in your design and download waveforms to view on your PC. It is very handy for debugging when you can't tell what's going on inside your FPGA from the external pins or how it behaves.

Bluespec SystemVerilog (BSV), a higher level hardware description derived from Haskell and based on the principle of Guarded Atomic Actions. Can make writing hardware considerably quicker and less error-prone than writing SystemVerilog. See also the Cambridge Bluespec online tutor.

DE1-SoC resources

Manufacturer Terasic's product page for the DE1-SoC board.

Terasic's resources for the DE1-SoC (worth downloading the 'CD-ROM' which is really a zip of source code and documents for the board). Our boards are Rev F.

RocketBoards, Altera's software development site for the Cyclone V SoC platform. Includes a number of useful tutorials and other resources.

Cambridge display board

Display board schematic

The LCD is an ER-TFT050-2 from EastRising ( See their product page. We have also downloaded their collection of datasheets (in case their site goes away).

The touch panel is driven by the GSL1680 - see the minimalist datasheet. More information is given on the Linux-sunxi (which also describes Linux support), a blog post (Weatherhelge) and forum thread.

The LEDs are the Shenzhen Worldsemi WS2812B (datasheet), which have been nicknamed 'NeoPixels' by Adafruit - they also describe the protocol better than the datasheet.