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Advanced Operating Systems

Course materials for L41: Advanced Operating Systems

L41: Advanced Operating Systems teaches OS internals, experimental methodology, and systems-research topics through a hands-on, lab-based course based on the FreeBSD operating system and BeagleBone Black embedded ARM board.

Course handouts

These course handouts provide more detailed information about the module and laboratory environment.

Lecture slides

Lecture slides will go online shortly after each lecture.

Lecturelet slides

These short lecturelets were (will be) delivered at the start of each lab session to help guide your lab work.

Lab handouts

These handouts describe each lab, both optional exploratory questions and the experimental questions that must be addressed in your Lab Report.

  1. L41 - Lab 1: I/O (PDF)
  2. L41 - Lab 2: Kernel implications of IPC (PDF)
  3. L41 - Lab 3: Microarchitectural implications of IPC (PDF)
  4. L41 - Lab 4: The TCP state machine (PDF)
  5. L41 - Lab 5: TCP latency and bandwidth (PDF)

Lab bundles

These tarballs contain source code associated with each lab. You can also retrieve these files directly via CL NFS.

  1. L41 - Lab 1 Tarball - lab1.tgz (TGZ)
  2. L41 - Lab 2 Tarball - lab2.tgz (TGZ)
  3. L41 - Lab 3 Tarball - lab3.tgz (TGZ)
  4. L41 - Labs 4 and 5 Tarball - lab4.tgz (TGZ)

Lab Report template

This Lab Report template must be used for all submissions. Please see the Lab Report handout on the Materials page for more details.

Lab Analysis Notes

These notes provide retrospective information on data collection and analysis for L41's lab assignments.

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