Department of Computer Science and Technology

PhD Theses

Thomas Pasquier "Towards practical information flow control and audit", TR 893, 2016 (PDF version)

Ben Roberts "Language semantics for secure information flow analysis" PhD 2013

Julien Quintard, "Towards a worldwide storage infrastructure", PhD 2012

Pedro Brandao " Abstracting information on body area networks", TR 812, 2012 (PDF version)

Jatinder Singh "Controlling the dissemination and disclosure of healthcare events", TR 770, 2009 (PDF version)

Salman Taherian "State-based Publish/Subscribe for sensor systems", TR 739, 2009 (PDF version)

Lauri I.W. Pesonen "A capability-based access control architecture for multi-domain", TR 720, 2008 (PDF version)

Andrew D. Twigg "Compact forbidden-set routing", TR 678, 2006 (PDF version)

Eiko Yoneki "ECCO: Data centric asynchronous communication", Technical Report 677, 2006 (PDF version)

David M. Eyers "Active Privilege Management for Distributed Access Control Systems" (PDF version)

Nathan Dimmock "Using trust and risk for access control in Global Computing", Technical Report 643, 2005 (PDF version)

Brian N. Shand "Trust for resource control: Self-enforcing automatic rational contracts between computers", Technical Report 600, 2004 (PDF version)

Peter R. Pietzuch "Hermes: A scalable event-based middleware", Technical Report 590, 2004 (PDF version)

Andrea Belokosztolszki "Role-Based Access Control Policy Administration", Technical Report 586, 2004 (PDF version)

Walt Teh-Ming Yao "Trust Management for Widely Distributed Systems", 2003 (PDF version).

Alan S. Abrahams "Developing and Executing Electronic Commerce Applications with Occurrences", 2002 (PDF version).

Alexis B. Hombrecher "Reconciling Event Taxonomies Across Administrative Domains", 2002 (PDF version).

Agathoniki Trigoni "Semantic optimization of OQL queries", Technical Report 547, 2002 (PDF version).

Kerry Rodden "Evaluating similarity-based visualisations as interfaces for image browsing", Technical Report 543, 2002 (PDF version).

Wojciech Basalaj "Proximity visualisation of abstract data", Technical Report 509, 2001.

Pawel Tomasz Wojciechowski "Nomadic Pict: language and infrastructure design for mobile computation", Technical Report 492, 2000 (PDF version).

Mark Spiteri "An Architecture for the Notification, Storage and Retrieval of Events", 2000 (PDF version).

David Ingram "Integrated Quality of Service Management", 2000 (PostScript version).

Oliver Seidel "Metadata Support for Connecting Application Components Asynchronously", 1999 (PostScript version).

David Halls "Applying Mobile Code to Distributed Systems", 1997 (PostScript version).

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