Computer Laboratory

Computer Architecture Group

Projects and research topics

Please consult the personal web pages of group members to see the board range of projects and research interests.

Current Funded Projects

We've developed a variety of hardware platforms to support this research.

Research Topics

Languages and compilers for multi-core architectures

  • Compiling for fine-grain parallel processing arrays
  • Task partitioning for multi-core network processors

On-chip and multi-chip interconnection networks

  • Low-latency and low-power on-chip networks
  • Multi-wavelength optical switch networks (Opt-Net)
  • Enhancing FPGA architectures with on-chip networks
  • On-chip fault-tolerant communication
  • Locally-clocked and asynchronous on-chip networks
  • Asynchronous, area-efficient, pulse-based interconnects

Processor Architecture

  • Low-complexity superscalar processor architectures
  • Techniques for improving cache utilisation

Programmable processing substrates

  • Fine-grain parallel communication-centric processor architectures
  • Active on-chip networks
  • Flexible support for speculation, synchronization and coherency

Selected Previous Projects

MRC2 - Resilient cloud computing

MRC2 built on the CTSRD project by extending the techniques to multiprocessors and multirack systems, and added many networking components.

BIMPA - Biologically inspired massively parallel architectures

The BIMPA project looked at full-custom FPGA-based compute pipelines and also distributed vector processors on FPGA for high performance neural execution. See the BIMPA project page for more details.

Communication centric computer design

Hardware security

  • Technology- and circuit-level countermeasures to side-channel analysis attacks
  • 3rd generation smart card project (G3Card)

Sensor networks

  • WiredSense - Dense wired sensor networks

Novel approaches to system-timing