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Communication Centric Computer Design (C3D) Project

This project took place in the past, and this page is here for archival reasons.


We are at a pivotal point in the design of computational devices. Technology scaling favours transistors over wires which has led us into an era where communication takes more time and consumes more power than the computation itself. We believe that this technology driver inextricably pushes us toward a communication-centric approach to computer system design from both hardware and software perspectives.

Exploiting Communication Centric Design

We are looking at communication-centric design at several levels of abstraction starting with implementation technology and moving up through computer architecture, algorithm mapping and programming languages.

Video Introduction

A short video giving some of the motivation and research ideas is available in the following formats:

N.B. these videos are somewhat experimental in nature and could do with some further editing. We hope to have time to udpate soon.



Funded by EPSRC - grant code EP/F018649/1