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Sam Ainsworth

Sam Ainsworth

I'm a 4th year PhD student working with Timothy M. Jones in the Computer Architecture Group. My research is funded by the EPSRC and ARM. I am a member of Churchill College.


My research interests currently include architectural and compiler techniques for:

  • Data prefetching, both in software and in hardware, particularly for irregular and big data workloads.
  • Efficient hardware fault detection and correction.
  • Hardware security.


  • Parallel Error Detection Using Heterogeneous Cores, Sam Ainsworth and Timothy M. Jones, DSN 2018, to appear.
  • An Event-Triggered Programmable Prefetcher for Irregular Workloads, Sam Ainsworth and Timothy M. Jones, ASPLOS 2018, to appear.
  • Software Prefetching for Indirect Memory Accesses, Sam Ainsworth and Timothy M. Jones, CGO 2017. [Paper] [Artifact Evaluation]
  • Graph Prefetching Using Data Structure Knowledge, Sam Ainsworth and Timothy M. Jones, ICS 2016. [Paper] [Data Repository]


This year (2017/18) I am supervising:

I have previously supervised:


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