Computer Laboratory

Timothy M. Jones

Timothy M. JonesI'm a post-doctoral researcher here at the University of Cambridge in the Computer Laboratory. I work in the Computer Architecture Group and in collaboration with other researchers throughout the world.

From 1 September 2013 I hold a Research Fellowship from EPSRC. Previously I held a Research Fellowship from the UK's Royal Academy of Engineering and EPSRC. This supports my research into energy-efficient compilers and many-core architectures for performance and reliability. I spent 2010 at Harvard working with David Brooks and his research team. Now that I'm in Cambridge, my Fellowship allows me to work part-time at ARM.

I'm a college research associate at St John's. Prior to joining Cambridge, I was part of the Compiler and Architecture Design Group at the University of Edinburgh's School of Informatics.


I have a fully-funded PhD position working on compiler or architectural schemes for heterogeneous many-core processors, in collaboration with ARM. For more information, please email me.

I am also looking for a PhD student to continue our work on HELIX automatic parallelisation. You can apply through the university's jobs website.


My research is looking power, performance and reliability of microprocessors in the many-core era. I am looking at ways of using the compilers, JITs, dynamic binary translators and the microarchitecture itself to increase performance, save power and deal with the upcoming reliability challenges posed by future technology scaling. My current research areas include:

  • Automatic parallelisation (see the HELIX project).
  • Processor wearout and hard faults (see the DOME project.)
  • Design of and compilation for specialised accelerators.
  • Power saving in shared cache environments and compilation schemes for the instruction cache

I am interested in collaborations with other researchers on any of the above. If you would like to work with me then please send me an email.

Professional Service

I was also a Distinguished Reviewer for HiPEAC 2012, and on the program committees for SCOPES 2013, 2012, 2011 & 2010, HiPC 2012, SBAC-PAD 2010 & 2009 and the MEDEA Workshop 2009, 2008 & 2007.

ASPLOS Doctoral Workshop

In April 2012 I co-organised the hugely successful first Doctoral Workshop at ASPLOS 2012, with Onur Mutlu.