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Storage, programming and display of multimedia objects

Ken Moody, Jean Bacon, Noha Adly, Mohamad Afshar, John Bates, Huang Feng, Richard Hayton, Sai Lai Lo, Scarlet Schwiderski, Robert Sultana, Zhixue Wu

April 1993, 9 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-294


This project aims to support the interactive display of synchronised multiple media types in workstation windows. This style of application needs high speed ATM networks and suitable protocols and operating systems; an infrastructure that exists at the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. Above this infrastructure we have designed and are building storage services (MSSA), a platform to support the creation and display of multimedia presentations (IMP) and a persistent programming language (PC++), for reliable and convenient programming of multimedia applications. This paper gives an overview of the work of the OPERA project in these three areas.

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