Department of Computer Science and Technology

Technical reports

Usage licence for Computer Laboratory technical reports

The copyright of any document published in the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory Technical Report series is held jointly by the authors of each document, respectively, unless otherwise noted somewhere on one of the first few pages of the document.

The authors have given the University of Cambridge a licence to redistribute these works. Based on this licence the department hereby sublicences you (anyone) to

  • download and read these documents;
  • print and distribute individual unmodified complete copies or clearly attributed extracts for non-commercial personal and educational (i.e., class room) use;
  • quote short and clearly attributed text passages in your own work;
  • locally cache, archive and index unmodified electronic copies and associated metadata.

Not automatically covered by this licence are in particular the

  • distribution of translated or otherwise converted or modified versions;
  • reuse of figures and other substantial extracts in your own publications;
  • printing at large scale or for commercial purposes.

To obtain permission for other uses, such as these, please contact the authors directly. If you do not know how to contact the authors (e.g., they are no longer listed on the departmental website), you can ask the series editor for help.

Some of our technical reports are in addition also licensed under a Creative Commons licence. If this is the case, the applicable licence will be indicated and linked on the back side of the title page (page 2).