Dr A C Norman's notes in Acrobat format.

Please note that some of these notes are from previous years and so are not up to date. I have both (compressed) Postscript and PDF versions of each set. Note also that these notes are Copyright A C Norman and were all written at a time before the University attempted to assert any ownership or control over such material. They may not be re-used, re-published or otherwise exploited without A C Norman's explicit permission. They may of course be used by students in the Computer Laboratory or Engineering Department to assist in their study of computer science.

Notes from other lecturers where I have covered their course. Including Complexity (Dawar), Software Engineering II (Paulson) and a Swing handout from Tim Harris

Learning day aka How To Study(150K)

Java (10M(!))

Java Tick 1 javadoc files

Java Tick 1 base class file 1

Java Tick 1 base class file 2

Complexity (350K)

Complexity notes (by Anuj Dawar)

Complexity slides (by Anuj Dawar)

Additional Complexity notes (by Anuj Dawar)

Complexity exercise 1 (by Anuj Dawar)

Complexity exercise 2 (by Anuj Dawar)

Complexity exercise 3 (by Anuj Dawar)

Complexity exercise 4 (by Anuj Dawar)

Foundations of Functional Programming (400K)

"parser.jar" for Foundations of Functional Programming (< 100K)

"parser.zip" Source for above (< 200K)

Unix Tools (400K)

Data Structures and Algorithms (Engineering IIa) (900K)

Advanced Algorithms (315K)

Algebraic manipulation (440K)

Introduction to algorithms (190K)

Data Structures and Algorithms (471K)

C and C++ (660K)

Databases (285K)

Programming in ML (340K)

Software Engineering (430K)

Compiler Construction (main part draft) (575K)

Compiler Construction (supplement) (220K)

The CUP parser generator as a .tar.gz file (440K) and The CUP parser generator as a .zip file (470K)

Regular Languages and Finite Automata (350K)

CML files (Not supported): see also The Moscow ML home page

And now I put an advertisement here! "Vmware" recently ran a promotion for University Teachers offering a free version of their software in return for mentioning its value to students. Since I had bought two previous generations of their package and I have indeed found it useful when checking that my code is portable across operating systems I am happy to do that: anybody who wants to collect further comments from me about Vmware can e-mail me and I can explain in further detail what I have used it for.