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Revision guide

  • Since the syllabus has changed this year, many of the Past exam questions are no longer relevant.
  • Topics that are no longer covered include functional dependencies and normal forms. For example, there is no need to revise for questions such as y2016p4q5.
  • However, many other questions are still relevant. In particular those related to ER data modelling, implementing ER models in a relational database, and the balance between read-optimised representations of data and update-optimised representations of data. So one could imagine questions similar to y2016p4q6 or y2014p4q5.
  • Of course there may be questions related to topics that are new to the syllabus, such as graph-oriented databases and document-oriented database. Although there are no past questions I have exposed the solutions to suggested supervisions and practical work to aid in your revision.

Lecture notes

Suggested supervisions

Practical work

Nothing below is examinable!

Bacon number in SQL: contest winner.

Some open source relational database systems

A few "NoSQL" pointers

  • NoSQL Movement :
  • A list of NoSQL database systems :
  • Berkeley DB :
  • Graph Databases :
  • Dremel: Interactive Analysis of Web-Scale Datasets
  • F1: A Distributed SQL Database That Scales

    Further reading