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Programming in Java

Course Lecturers

Alastair BeresfordAndrew Rice

Game of Life animations (Tick3*)

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Audio representations of the Game of Life (Tick 5*)

Practical sessions

Students are expected to attend one practical session per week on Thursdays which run from 2-4pm and 4-6pm. You may attend both sessions if you wish. The dates of the practical sessions associated with this course are as follows:

  • Thursday 13th November
  • Thursday 20th November
  • Thursday 27th November
  • Thursday 15th January
  • Thursday 22nd January
  • Thursday 29th January
  • Thursday 5th February

All classes take place in the Intel Teaching Lab in the Computer Laboratory.

Ticking sign-up

When you are ready to collect a tick you should sign-up online for a slots with a ticker. These ticking slots take place during the practical session in the Intel lab. You should take your work to your ticker at your chosen time. Tickers will also be able to assess ML ticks for you.

  • Ticking slots will appear here when they are available.
  • Ticking slots, February 26th: 2-4pm, 4-6pm.

Note: the signup site is known not to work with Internet Explorer.


Workbook Errata

The printed workbooks contain (at the very least!) the following errors. Errors are indexed by workbook (W), page (P) and line (L), which may be negative, indicating that the reader should count upwards from the bottom of the page. These errors have been corrected in the on-line versions of the workbooks shown above. If you find any further errors, please email ticks1a-admin[at]

No errors found so far this year

Bit visualisation programs

You can download three bit visualisation programs from this website:

  • b2d.jar (exploring binary to decimal conversion)
  • d2b.jar (exploring decimal to binary conversion)
  • bitwise.jar (exploring bitwise operators)

To use the programs, download them to your home directory, start a new shell, and run the jar file as described in the workbook. For example, to run bitwise.jar you would type the following:

java -jar bitwise.jar

Each program will print out a helpful usage message which you can use to work out what additional options to give the program. Ask a demonstrator for help if you get stuck.