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Course pages 2014–15

Numerical Methods

  • Projected Slides Rev P5 - the extended slide pack with additional asides: PDF.

  • (Slides as printed Rev0: PDF 198 pages).

  • Demos folder: A folder containing short demonstation programs illustrating various aspects. The programs will be added just before the lecture that uses them. They are mainly available in both ML and Java, but one or two are in C as well. Folder location:
    At the command line you can get a local copy of this folder using
        git clone
    And the updates can then be fetched using
    git pull

Learners' Guide - explaining what you should take away and what you are not expected to know in detail CURRENT VERSION HERE.

Examples Sheets:

  • Examples Sheet numbers 1, 2 and 3 PDF.

Audio Recordings - I have recorded many of the later lectures. The audio files are now being placed in this folder in reverse order.

Secondary Materials

Numerical Analysis is the oldest discipline in Computer Science. You will find many dusty books in your College library covering the subject. These will contain relevant chapters. Also, Wikipedia explains all of the topics we shall cover.

The following web resources will be referred to in lectures.

Further Material

For the more adventurous: