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Topical Issues

Examples sheet

To help guide supervisions, I will put up new questions after each lecture. The latest question sheet can be downloaded here. Check back for updates after each lecture!

Latest Lecture Plan (14/05/12)

The plan below is subject to change, as guest lecturers may be limited in their availability. There are a number of themes running through the lectures this year - these are highlighted in the table.

Date Topic Lecturer Theme (if any)
29 Feb Principles of Location Tracking Robert Harle Location
2 Mar Fingerprinting Robert Harle Location
5 Mar RFID Robert Harle Location
7 Mar HCI Peter Robinson HCI
9 Mar HCI Peter Robinson HCI
12 Mar HCI Peter Robinson HCI
14 Mar Building Large Distributed Systems David Singeleton (Google) Big Data
------------------------------EASTER VACATION------------------------------
27 Apr Introduction to Big Data Joseph Bonneau Big Data
30 Apr Data Structures and Algorithms for Big Data Joseph Bonneau Big Data
2 May Working with Big Data at Startups Peter Warden Big Data
4 May Wireless Sensor Networks Ian Wassell Wireless
7 May Ultra Wideband (UWB) Robert Harle Wireless
9 May Designing a Wireless Protocol Bogdan Roman Wireless
11 May Software Defined Radio Paul Tindall, Cognovo Wireless
14 May ---Cancelled---
16 May The GPS System Alan Jones Location
18 May Building RealVNC Andy Harter, RealVNC Open Source
21 May Open Source in Industry Steve Hunt, Qualcomm Open Source
23 May Smartphone Tracking Ramsey Faragher, BAE Advanced Technology Systems Location

Notes and Resources

Lecture 1: Tracking

Lecture 2: Fingerprinting

Lecture 3: RFID

Lecture 4: Human-computer interaction - history

Lecture 5: Human-computer interaction - techniques

  • William Newman & Mik Lamming: Interactive system design
  • Mark Weiser: The computer for the 21st century
  • Details of experimental methods
  • Exercise
    • Apply the techniques in the design and evaluation of your Part II project

Lecture 6: Human-computer interaction - affective computing

Lecture 7: Building Large Distributed Systems (Google)

  • No notes available

Lecture 8: Big Data I

Lecture 9: Big Data II

Lecture 10: Big Data III - Pete Warden

  • No notes available.

Lecture 11: Wireless Sensor Networks - Ian Wassell

Lecture 12: Ultra-Wideband Radio - Robert Harle

Lecture 13: Designing a Wireless LAN Protocol - Bogdan Roman

Lecture 14: Software-Defined Radio - Paul Tindall

Lecture 15: GPS - Alan Jones

Lecture 16: Building RealVNC - Andy Harter

  • No notes available

Lecture 17: Open Source - Steve Hunt, Qualcomm

Lecture 18: Smartphone Tracking - Ramsey Faragher, BAE ATS