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Prolog tick information

The tick exercise PDF is available. The current authoritative version of this document carries "21st November 2011" on its first page. Before submitting, please check this web page to ensure that you have the most recent information. The only change from the version dated November 9th is to make explicit that you are not expected to handle malformed input or input that represents something that is physically impossible.

Please do get in contact if anything within it does not make sense to you. This exercise requires care in interpreting the problem and understanding its representation. If you are in doubt, ask! Furthermore, when you submit your tick by email you may not get a reply (certainly there's no automated one). If this happens it does not mean that your submission has fallen into a black hole.

The test file contains a few other puzzles that were used to test your submissions; stest6/0 is the puzzle from the tick sheet. Give it a try!

Lecture notes

Copies as printed

Copies with corrections

  • Lecture 3 (the arity of eval was wrong on L3-9; it should be eval/2, not eval/3)
  • Lecture 5 (on L5-12, L3 should end with V3 to make things clearer; the example on L5-17 was mostly off the page, and it's not the "second example in your handout")

Supervision questions

These are questions that you are likely to work on for your supervisions (and really should work on for the exam!).