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Digital Communication I

Principal lecturer: Dr Andrew Moore
Taken by: Part IB, Part II (General), Diploma
Past exam questions

The lecture foils are available here as a 1-up PDF.

Alongside the questions in the lecture foils (at the end of each topic), I recommend Stephen Kells excellent DigComm1 Supervision Exercises here. A set of supervisor's notes complimenting these exercises are also available (send an e-mail request to Fiona Billingsley or I)

Gnuplot Script for FFT from 29th January 2008 lecture fft.gnu

A number of papers will be referenced over the duration of the course, these may be considered additional reading.

  • R Metcalfe and D Boggs, "Ethernet: Distributed Packet Switching for Local Computer Networks", ACM Computer Systems, 1976. (PDF)
  • Andrew D. Birrell and Bruce Jay Nelson, "Implementing remote procedure calls", ACM Transactions on Computer Systems 2(1), 1984, (PDF)
  • Sally Floyd and Van Jacobson, "The Syncronization of Period Routing Messages", IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 2(2), p. 122-136, April 1994. (PDF)
  • David Tennenhouse, "Layered Multiplexing Considered Harmful", Protocols for High-Speed Networks, Rudin and Williamson (Editors), North Holland, Amsterdam, 1989 (PDF)
  • Van Jacobson and Michael J. Karels, "Congestion Aviodance and Control", (PDF) slightly revised version of Jacobson, V. Congestion avoidance and control. In Proceedings of SIGCOMM 88 (Stanford, CA, Aug. 1988), ACM.
  • Vern Paxson and Sally Floyd, "Wide-Area Traffic: The Failure of Poisson Modeling", IEEE/ACM Transactions on Networking, 3(3), 1995 (PDF)

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Excited by Digital Communications?

Then you may want to consider a project, perhaps one based upon our new NetFPGA equipment NetFPGA Web Page , look out for the NetFPGA project page (FPGA skills required.)