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Computer Graphics and Image Processing

Principal lecturer: Dr Neil Dodgson
Taken by: Part IB, Part II (General), Diploma
Past exam questions
Exercises (150kB PDF)
new Solution to notes to some past exam questions


  • Anthony Errington's Graphics Algorithm Tutor (a Part II project from 2005-06) includes Bresenham's line drawing, midpoint line drawing, Bézier cubic curve drawing, Cohen-Sutherland line clipping, scanline polygon fill, and Sutherland-Hodgman polygon clipping
  • Symbolcraft's BSP tree applet
  • Java Applets from Princeton University including Bézier cubic curves, 2D transfomration, 3D viewing, Cohen-Sutherland clipping, lighting.
  • Bézier Patch Applet from Cornell University
  • David Bell's JPEG tutor
  • (fails to load in some versions of Internet Explorer)

Supplementary material

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