Programming, Logic, and Semantics Group

Academic staff

Nada Amin
University Lecturer. Interested in programming languages, including type systems, generative programming, relational programming, domain-specific languages, neuro-symbolic reasoning, deriving compilers, and applications to machine learning, biology and music.
Cristina David
Royal Society University Research Fellow. Interested in program synthesis, software verification, especially the verification of heap-manipulating programs, program termination and the design of decision procedures.
Anuj Dawar
Professor of Logic and Algorithms. Interested in finite model theory and its connection to the study of computational complexity; the theory of databases; the complexity of games; and the expressive power of logical formalisms
Marcelo Fiore
Professor of Mathematical Foundations of Computer Science. Interested in mathematical models of computation; semantics of programming languages and concurrent systems; metalanguages, type systems, and program logics; and applications of category theory to computer science
Tim Griffin
Reader in Computer Science. Interested in developing algebraic structures to model and design Internet routing protocols
Mateja Jamnik
Reader in Artificial Intelligence. Interested in computational modelling of human mathematical reasoning - in particular "informal" human techniques such as the use of diagrams, analogy, symmetry, etc. - by employing techniques from artificial intelligence, automated reasoning, diagrammatic reasoning, theorem proving, proof planning, cognitive science, machine learning, human-computer interaction, knowledge representation. Also a member of the CL AI group.
Neel Krishnaswami
University Lecturer. Interested in the applications of proof theory, type theory, and denotational semantics to programming language design and program verification.
Alan Mycroft
Professor of Computing. Interested in programming languages, type systems, program analysis and compilation, especially techniques bridging the theory-systems divide.
Larry Paulson
Professor of Computational Logic. Interested in automated theorem proving and verification, cryptographic protocols, and the mechanisation of mathematics.
Andrew Pitts
Professor of Theoretical Computer Science. Interested in the applications of logic, type theory and category theory to the foundations of programming languages and their semantics and to computer-aided proof.
Martin Richards
University Senior Lecturer (retired). Interested in typeless languages; compact byte stream interpretive codes; machine independent operating systems for process control and real time applications; and real time analysis of digital musical sound for use in an automatic accompanist system.
Thomas Sauerwald
University Lecturer. Interested in the design and analysis of algorithms, especially randomized algorithms, Markov chains, streaming algorithms and distributed computing.
Peter Sewell
Professor of Computer Science and EPSRC Leadership Fellow. Interested in programming language semantics, network protocols, semantic mechanisation, security, and concurrency, especially relaxed-memory concurrency.
Glynn Winskel
Professor of Computer Science. Interested in theoretical Computer Science and related mathematics, especially applications of logic and category theory to computer science, over a variety of areas from the foundations of semantics to systems biology.

Research Fellows and Research Associates

Pierre Clairambault
Research associate. Interested in logics and foundations of the semantics of programming languages
Anthony Fox
Research associate. Interested in formal specification and verification of ARM
Zohreh Shams
Research associate. Interested in formal verification of diagrammatic reasoning.
Angeliki Koutsoukou-Argyraki
Research associate. ALEXANDRIA project.
Stephen Kell
Research associate.
Dominic Mulligan
Research associate.
Magnus Myreen
Research associate. Interested in formal methods for creating and verifying trustworthy machine code
Anthony Bordg
Research associate. ALEXANDRIA project.


Christopher Elsby (Mycroft)
Dylan McDermott (Mycroft)
William Denman (Paulson)
Interested in verification of continuous and hybrid systems
Shaked Flur (Sewell)
Michael Gale (Mycroft)
Chaitanya Mangla (Jamnik/Holden)
Justus Matthiesen (Sewell/Pitts)
Kayvan Memarian (Sewell)
Interested in programming language semantics and mechanised verification
Kyndylan Nienhus (Sewell)
Ian Orton (Pitts)
Jean Pichon (Sewell)
Pengming Wang (Dawar)
Gregory Wilsenach (Dawar)

Friends in Cambridge

Moritz Becker
Researcher at Microsoft Research
Nick Benton
Gavin Bierman
Senior Researcher at Microsoft Research
Luca Cardelli
Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research
Thomas Forster
Affiliated lecturer in the Department for Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
Cedric Fournet
Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research
Andrew Gordon
Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research
Tony Hoare
Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research
Martin Hyland
Professor in Mathematical Logic in the Department of Pure Mathematics and Mathematical Statistics
Andrew Kennedy
Matthew Parkinson
Researcher at Microsoft Research
Simon Peyton Jones
Principal Researcher at Microsoft Research
Claudio Russo
Researcher at Microsoft Research

Former members

Peter Calvert
Jukka Lehtosalo
Raoul-Gabriel Urma
Janina Voigt
Raphael Proust
Tomas Petricek
Stephen Dolan
OCaml Labs
Dominic Orchard
University of Kent
Mark Batty
University of Kent
Gabriel Kerneis
Ramana Kumar
Data61, CSIRO
Samy Abbes
Paris 7
Mair Allen-Williams
Timos Antonopoulos
Marcin Benke
John Billings
Steve Bishop
Max Bolingbroke
Silvia Breu
Matko Botincan
Peter Buchlovsky
Mario Caccamo
Rachel Cardell-Oliver
University of Western Australia
Luca Cattani
DS Data Systems
Shu Yan Chan
Ranald Clouston
Michael Compton
Adriana Compagnoni
Federico Crazzolara
Silvano Dal Zilio
Francis Davey
Valeria de Paiva
Cuil, Inc.
Mike Dodds
University of York
Sidi O Ehmety
Rob Ennals
Matthew Fairbairn
Boris Feigin
Jamie Gabbay
Heriot-Watt University
Philippa Gardner
Imperial College London
Christopher Gautier
Johan Glimming
Alex Gurney
Julian Gutierrez
Paul Hankin
John Harrison
Intel Corporation
Yuguo He
John Herbert
University College Cork
Barney Hilken
Mike Hinchey
New Jersey Institute of Technology
Chung-Kil Hur
Max Planck Institute for Software Systems
Bartek Klin
Warsaw University
Bjarki Holm
Joe Hurd
Galois, Inc.
Paul Hunter
Oxford University
Eric Koskinen
New York University
Ole Jensen
Matthew Lakin
Postdoctoral researcher at Microsoft Research
Soren B. Lassen
James Leifer
INRIA Rocquencourt / Microsoft Research-INRIA Joint Centre
Anton Lokhmotov
Senior Engineer at ARM
Ola Mahmoud
Jonathan Mak
Robin Milner (1934-2010)
Emeritus Professor
Julio Marino-Carballo
Madrid University of Technology
Jean Martina
Mike Gordon
Matt Anderson
James Bridge
Jonas Frey
Kathryn Gray
Jonathan Hayman
Ohad Kammar
Marc Lasson
Arno Pauly
Marco Devesas Campos
Jannis Bulian
Zongyan Huang
Alex Katovsky
Steffen Loesch
Will Sonnex
Nik Sultana
Tom Melham
University of Oxford
Jia Meng
Robin Message
Daiva Naudziuniene
Imperial College London
Vilius Naudziunas
Arthur Norman
Fellow of Trinity College
Cosmin Oancea
Scott Owens
University of Kent
Gilles Peskine
Benjamin Pierce
University of Pennsylvania
Giuliano Procida
Paola Quaglia
BRICS, Aarhus University.
Charlie Reams
Gareth Rees
Canon Research Centre Europe, Guildford
David Richerby
Tom Ridge
University of Leicester
Joshua Ross
Kristin Rozier
NASA Ames Research Center
Susmit Sarkar
Mark Sawle
Lucy Saunders-Evans
Andrea Schalk
University of Manchester
Andrei Serjantov
Jaroslav Ševčík
Google Munich
Mark Shinwell
Jane Street Capital
Jeremy Singer
University of Glasgow
Pawel Sobocinski
University of Southhampton
Ian Stark
University of Edinburgh
Sam Staton
Radboud University
Gareth Stoyle
Fitch Ratings
Rok Strniša
A Leading Hedge Fund
Tom Stuart
Angelos Tsolakis
Thomas Tuerk
Asis Unyapoth
Christian Urban
King's College London
Matej Urbas
Kim Wagner
Viktor Vafeiadis
Researcher at Max-Planck Institute for Software Systems
Daniele Varacca
University Paris Diderot
Chris Thompson-Walsh
Keith Wansbrough
Tjark Weber
Uppsala University
Leo White
OCaml Labs
John Wickerson
Imperial College London
Alisdair Wren
Lucian Wischik
Microsoft Corp.
Pawel Wojciechowski
Poznań University of Technology, Poland
Francesco Zappa Nardelli
Yichi Zhang

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