Programming, Logic, and Semantics Group
Here are some steps to stay informed of what is going on in the Programming, Logic and Semantics Group.
  1. Have a look at the seminar series in the group. Most seminar series in Cambridge now use the system, rather than mailing lists. Unless you sign up, you won't get announcements. The system can send you announcements by email (more info), it can update your icalendar (more info) and there is an RSS interface (more info). You might like to sign up for all talks in the computer laboratory, but you will be particularly interested in the following subset: Those are the regular slots, but there are sometimes mini courses and in the past there has been a reading group for PhD students, logic and semantics for dummies. There is an occasional regional logic meeting: Cameleon. You might also be interested in lecture courses in the computer lab or in the maths department.
  2. Sign up to a mailing list. There are three relevant lists. You will probably only need to sign up to one of these. The mailing lists are used to announce last-minute changes to talks and occasional social events.
    • cl-cprg-announce (Cambridge Programming Research Group mailing list; sign up here)
    • cl-theory (Theory mailing list; sign up here)
    • cl-arg (Automated Reasoning Group mailing list; sign up here)
  3. If you are a newcomer to the PLS group, you might consider giving a talk at one of the forums above. Make sure that your host tells everyone that you are here. There is more general information about new staff and visitors to the Computer Laboratory.

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