Computer Laboratory

Thinking of doing a PhD, MPhil or Part III

If you are thinking of doing a PhD, the MPhil in Advanced Computer Science or Part III of the Computer Science Tripos, these slides might help you decide who to talk to.

Schedule of speakers for session held on 30 October 2012 and further information

Dr Alastair Beresford  MPhil in ACS admissions page    Slides from talk
Dr Ian Wassell  Digital Technology    Slides from talk
Professor Peter Robinson  Graphics and Human Computer Interaction Group    See web page for further details
Professor Jon Crowcroft  Systems Research    Slides from talk
Professor Ross Anderson  Security    Slides from talk
Professor John Daugman  Artificial Intelligence    Slides from talk
Professor Peter Sewell  Programming, Logic, and Semantics    Slides from talk
Professor Ann Copestake  Natural Language and Information Processing    Slides from talk
Dr Robert Mullins  Computer Architecture    Slides from talk
Lise Gough  Frequently asked questions