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Recent Talks
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Dependent Type Theory with Abstractable Names. Invited talk at 9th Logical and Semantic Frameworks, with Applications (LSFA 2014), Brasília D.F., Brazil, 8-9 September 2014. [slides (pdf)]
Nominal Sets and Dependent Type Theory. Invited talk at 20th Conference on Types for Proofs and Programs (TYPES 2014), Institut H. Poincaré (IHP), Paris, 12-15 May 2014. [slides (pdf)]
Symmetric Scott. Invited talk at LICS 2013 and MFPS XXIX joint Special Session honouring Dana Scott, New Orleans, USA, 25 June 2013. [slides (pdf)]
Generative Names and Dependent Types. Talk at 1st ACM SIGPLAN Workshop on Higher-Order Programming with Effects (HOPE 2012), Copenhagen, Denmark, 9 September 2012. [slides (pdf)]
Step-indexed Biorthogonality. Talk at Parametricity Workshop, University of Strathclyde, 2 May 2012. [slides (pdf)]
Nominal Sets and their Applications. Invited lectures at Midland Graduate School (MGS 2011), University of Nottingham, UK, 11-15 April 2011. [slides (pdf)]
Nominal System T. Talk at 37th Annual ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL 2010), Madrid, Spain, 17-23 January 2010. [Abstract, slides (pdf), paper (pdf)]
Generative Unbinding of Names. Talk at 34th Annual ACM SIGPLAN-SIGACT Symposium on Principles of Programming Languages (POPL 2007), Nice, France, 17-19 January 2007. [Abstract, slides (pdf), paper (pdf)]
Lectures on Nominal Syntax and Semantics at International Summer School On Applied Semantics (APPSEM II 2005), Frauenchiemsee, Germany, 8-12 September 2005. [Course web page]
Alpha-Structural Recursion and Induction. Invited talk at 18th International Conference on Theorem Proving in Higher Order Logics (TPHOLs 2005), Oxford, UK, August 2005. [Abstract, slides (pdf).]
Equivariant and Nominal SOS. Invited talk at SOS 2004 satellite workshop of CONCUR 2004, London, August 2004. [Abstract, slides (pdf).]
Nominal Semantics of Abstraction and Restriction. Invited talk at CTCS 2004, IT University, Copenhagen, August 2004. [Abstract, slides (pdf).]
Equivariant Syntax and Semantics. Invited talk at ICALP 2002, Malaga, Spain, July 2002. [Abstract (pdf), slides (pdf).]
Nominal Logic: A First Order Theory of Names and Binding. Invited talk at TACS 20001, Sendai, Japan, October 2001. [Abstract, slides (pdf), paper (ps) (pdf).] (A preliminary version of this talk was given at the IJCAR 2001 Workshop on MEchanized Reasoning about Languages with variable bINding (MERLIN 2001), Siena, Italy, June, 2001.)
A Fresh Approach to Representing Syntax with Static Binders in Functional Programming. Invited talk at ICFP 2001, Firenze, Italy, September 2001. [Abstract, slides (pdf), (ps).]
Operational Semantics and Program Equivalence. Lectures at the International Summer School On Applied Semantics, APPSEM 2000, Caminha, Minho, Portugal, 9-15 September 2000. [Course web page (These lectures supercede: Operational Semantics for Program Equivalence, an invited talk at MFPS XIII, CMU, Pittsburgh, 23--26 March 1997; the slides for this talk are still available here.)
A Computer Science Application of Permutation Models of Set Theory. Invited talk at British Logic Colloquium 2000, University of East Anglia, Norwich, UK, 7-9 September 2000. [Abstract, slides.]
A Metalanguage for Programming with Bound Names Modulo Renaming. Talk at Mathematics of Program Construction, MPC2000, Ponte de Lima, Portugal, 3-5 July 2000. [Abstract, slides, paper.] (An older version of the talk, putting more emphasis on FreshML examples and less emphasis on FM-sets is here.)
Tripos Theory in Retrospect. Invited talk at Tutorial Workshop on Realizability Semantics and Applications, June 29-July 12, 1999. A workshop associated to the 1999 Federated Logic Conference, Trento, Italy. [Abstract, slides, paper.]
A New Approach to Abstract Syntax Involving Binders. Invited talk at School in Logic and Computation, Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh, 10-13 April 1999. [Abstract, slides, paper.]
Operational Versus Denotational Methods in the Semantics of Higher Order Languages. Invited tutorial at PLILP/ALP'98, Pisa, Italy, 16-18 September, 1998. [Abstract, slides.]
Parametric Polymorphism and Operational Equivalence. Talk at the 2nd Workshop on Higher Order Operational Techniques in Semantics (HOOTS2), Stanford CA, December 1997. [Abstract, slides, paper.]