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Course pages 2017–18

System-on-Chip Design

Primary Materials

Main Lecture Notes Handout

The lecture notes are in two PDF files: the first covers Knowledge Groups 1-3 and the second 4-6.

First half lecture notes 54 Pages PDF.

Second half lecture notes ... not released yet.

Presentation Slides used in Lectures

Being placed online before each lecture ...

Six so-called Knowledge Groups

  • (KG0) Introduction.

  • (KG1) Energy use in Digital Hardware.

  • (KG2) Masked versus Reconfigurable Technology & Computing.

  • (KG3) Custom Accelerator Structures.

  • (KG4) RTL, Interfaces, Pipelining and Hazards.

  • (KG5) High-level Design Capture and Synthesis.

  • (KG6) Architectural Exploration using ESL Modelling.

Exercise Sheets

Just being placed online ...

Further Materials

Course Revisions:

Last year, the Design-for-Test section was not lectured. And HLS was added as a primary topic.

This year, 2017/18, the syllabus will change further in that direction, with less emphasis on low-level SoC parts and with greater emphasis on custom accelerators for high-performance computing.
Last year’s course materials are still available.