Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2014–15

System-on-Chip Design

iPhone PCB

This year the order of the lectures has been reversed from previous years. Also the running example presented in lectures is greatly cut down since SystemC will be lectured towards the end.

Primary Resources

Lecture Notes PDF.

Slide Pack 1 SP1 SLIDES (SoC Parts).

Slide Pack 2 SP2 SLIDES (Busses and Partition).

Slide Pack 3 SP3 SLIDES (Energy and Power).

Slide Pack 4 SP4 SLIDES (HDL, RTL, Hazards).

Slide Pack 5 SP5 SLIDES (Assertion Based Design).

Slide Pack 6 - SystemC and ESL Modelling - will be added here.

Exercises and Examples Sheets

These sheets will be extended as the course is lectured.

  • Quick Exercise Sheet for SP1 and SP2 PDF.

  • Longer Exercise Sheet for SP1: PDF.

Further Books

Embedded Systems Hardware for Software Engineers Ed Lipiansky. McGraw-Hill Professional (1 Feb. 2012)

Mishra K. (2014) Advanced Chip Design - Practial Examples in Verilog. Pub Amazon Martson Gate.

Secondary Resources

Two System On Chip simulation environments

Two SystemC practical systems are available to look at.

The first is very short and well worth a look.
SystemC get started and Toy ESL classes.

The second is complex and requires considerable C++ expertise to compile and run. Link will be here:


Further reading documents will be linked here shortly.