ASPLOS 2012 Doctoral Workshop

1st ASPLOS Doctoral Workshop

In conjunction with ASPLOS 2012
London, UK - Sunday, 4 March 2012

The 1st ASPLOS Doctoral Workshop is sponsored by D. E. Shaw Group

London Montage

The ASPLOS Doctoral Workshop will provide a forum for PhD students to present their work and receive constructive feedback from experts in the field as well as from peers. Technical presentations will be augmented with general advice and discussions about getting a PhD, doing research, and post-doctoral careers. We invite applications from PhD students at any stage of their doctoral studies, and plan to have about 30 attendees. Selection of the students for oral presentation is based on usefulness for the student by providing feedback, which can be shared by other students. We are not able to accommodate presentation opportunities to all the participants, but we strongly encourage you to attend the workshop even if you are not selected for the oral presentation.


We anticipate most participants to be current PhD students who have selected a clear research topic. Research topics of interest include "systems" work in the broadest sense, including work on formal foundations, as well as the design, implementation and evaluation of real systems.

Call for Participation

Applicants are asked to place themselves into one of two groups: Group A for Planners and Group B for Finishers, with Group A being focussed on research planning, while the Group B being close to finishing the thesis. See Submissions for further details of the workshop format and submission instructions. We have a text call too.

Important Dates

Submission:5th January 2012
Notification of acceptance:19th January 2012
Workshop date:4th March 2012

Please Note: Due to tight deadlines, we cannot extend the submission date.

Goal of Workshop

The main goal of the ASPLOS Doctoral Workshop is to foster excellence in systems research by giving PhD students feedback and advice that is particularly relevant to their doctoral studies and career development. The purpose of the workshop is providing educational and useful advice to the students, and therefore no publication for the presented works is planned.

We expect a range of attendees such as the presenter's peers, as well as senior researchers who will attend to share their expertise. Other positive outcomes may include the opportunity for students to meet with peers outside of their home institution, to get technical feedback from senior researchers in their field, to find out about internship and job opportunities, and to articulate their own work in a public, non-threatening forum. We encourage the participants to stay for the duration of the main ASPLOS conference.


Students are strongly encouraged to apply for ASPLOS student travel grants. See ASPLOS 2012 Travel Grants.


All participants should register through the main ASPLOS registration site.


Senior researchers (faculty and industry): if you are already planning to attend ASPLOS 2012 and could spare a couple of hours during that week for an in-depth discussion with a student about their research, please email Tim and Onur (Chairs). Your participation would be greatly appreciated!


Timothy Jones (University of Cambridge)
Onur Mutlu (CMU)
Krste Asanovic (University of California at Berkeley)
Michael O'Boyle (University of Edinburgh)
Rich Draves (Microsoft)
Lieven Eeckhout (Ghent University)
Babak Falsafi (EPFL)
Krisztian Flautner (ARM)
Steven Hand (University of Cambridge)
Mary Jane Irwin (Penn State University)
Christos Kozyrakis (Stanford University)
Jim Larus (Microsoft)
Gokhan Memik (Northwestern University)
Tipp Moseley (Google)
Partha Ranganathan (HP)
Per Stenstrom (Chalmers University)


The format of the Doctoral Workshop and most text in this website come from the successful EuroSys Doctoral Workshops. Photos are used with kind permission from Tim Harris.