ASPLOS 2012 Doctoral Workshop

1st ASPLOS Doctoral Workshop

In conjunction with ASPLOS 2012
London, UK - Sunday, 4 March 2012

The 1st ASPLOS Doctoral Workshop is sponsored by D. E. Shaw Group

London Montage


Research topics of interest include "systems" work in the broadest sense, including work on formal foundations, as well as the design, implementation and evaluation of real systems.

Workshop Format

All applicants can expect critical, but constructive, feedback on the presented research or research proposal. In addition, you will be paired with a senior researcher who will act as a mentor, providing one-on-one feedback to you at some point during the workshop or main conference. Applicants are asked to put themselves into one of two groups:

Group A: Planners

Description: 'Planners' are focused on research planning. For example, you may be surveying the literature to identify an important unsolved problem, or investigating the feasibility of a possible solution.

Application: Submit at most two pages describing your research proposal.

Group B: Finishers

Description: 'Finishers' are close to finishing their thesis and are thinking about how to write up their research. They may also be considering post-doctoral career options.

Application: Submit at most two pages describing your thesis and future career plans. As supplementary material you may send a pointer to a paper that you have written about the main contribution of your doctoral research. This need not be published under peer review, it might also be a tech report, a paper under submission, or a draft article and it can be any length.

Both Groups

At the workshop: Give a presentation of your proposal. This is a 10-minute presentation, including time for questions. Planners may wish to focus on the problem being tackled, why it is important and how they intend to solve it. Finishers will add in information about the choices they made to solve issues and an evaluation of the results of their work.