Camden Lock Down Stories

Every day he would go cycling thru the deserted streets, starting at Camden lock, down to the towpath, along to Little Venice, and find a new story pinned to the wall under the lights. He never saw who left them there. Each one was written by a different hand as far as he could tell. He took to setting out earlier and earlier to try to catch whoever was putting the tales there. Sometimes he'd hear someone running away under the roadbridge, but he never saw them. He collected them and scanned and OCR'd them, and added his own pictures to liven them up.

Later on, he came to realize that the pictures had always been there. They were trig points left by the authors, like pins in a ghost map, to show where they were written. And like the ghost map, maybe he could find the fount at the center of all those points. He started to travel around the city trying to match pictures to locations, always remembering that the location might be in the past, or even not there yet.

  • chapter 1 - Balance
  • chapter 2 - Beggar's Belief
  • chapter 3 - Charge Zone
  • chapter 4 - Id Free
  • chapter 5- The Librarians
  • chapter 6 - Marvellous Pets
  • chapter 7 - The Experimental Writer
  • chapter 8 - James George
  • chapter 9 - The Pages
  • chapter 0 - The Mission Creep
  • chapter 10 3/4 - JJ go boating
  • chapter 11 - The World's Ends.
  • chapter 12 - A Brave New Normal.
  • chapter 13 - Rock, Roll, Pitch&Yaw.
  • chapter 14 - A Rude Awakening.
  • chapter 15 - Last in Line.
  • chapter 16 - Not so smart.

    Everything is before you die.

    Photo credits (mine):
    hydra (kamini), 1973
    outside johnny foxes, Glencullen, Dublin, 2001
    paleochora,  crete, 2020
    bins outside computer lab, Cambridge, 2020
    sunri lodge, masai mara, kenya, 2019
    the mara north, 2019
    heraklion, crete & brook street, london, 2020
    private library, kentish town, 2020
    buck street, camden, 2020
    llanggollan, viaduct, 2017 or 1983
    lipari, italy, 2015
    venetian fort, paleochora, crete 2018
    padington basin, regents canal, london, last week
    sandy beach, paleochora 2020
    beneath the stairs, the library again, unknown date
    quinns, hawley road, unknown date
    hydra port, 1969
    islington cemetary, 2017
    burma, 1943

    Volume II

  • The Replacement Cats
  • Mrs Beaston's Household Book of Eco Management
  • La Un Balance
  • Hemingways
  • prompt on
  • The House of Dr Dee Little
  • The Ghost Writers
  • Where
  • No Clue
  • Clocks Go Back