Computer Laboratory

Alice Hutchings

Cambridge Computer Crime Database

The Cambridge Computer Crime Database (CCCD) is a database of computer crime events where the offender or alleged offender has been arrested, charged and/or prosecuted in the United Kingdom, dating from 1 January 2010. These are broadly classified as high tech offences, including those that fall under the Computer Misuse Act. The database also includes offences that involve the use of computers that fall under other legislation. This includes fraud, conspiracy, misconduct in public office, data protection, and money laundering offences where there is a link to high tech or computer crime. The database does not include matters that solely relate to child exploitation material, online grooming, interception of telephone communications, copyright offences, the online sale of illicit, counterfeit or stolen products, online harassment, offences that have been planned online or where there is online communication, or to those arrested in the UK for extradition elsewhere. The database is updated weekly. Additions are welcomed, and can be emailed to: alice.hutchings[AT]

The CCCD is made available by Alice Hutchings under a Creative Commons - Attribution licence.