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Cut-through network switches: architecture, design and implementation

Noa Zilberman, Łukasz Dudziak, Matthew Jadczak, Thomas Parks, Alessandro Rietmann, Vadim Safronov, Daniel Zuo

November 2018, 18 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-928


Cut-through switches are increasingly used within data-centres and high-performance networked systems. Despite their popularity, little is known of the architecture of cut-through switches used in today’s networks. In this paper we introduce three different cut-through switch architectures, designed over the NetFPGA platform. Beyond exploring architectural and design considerations, we compare and contrast the different architectures, providing insights into real-world switch design. Last, we provide an evaluation of one successfully implemented cut-through switch design, providing constant switching latency regardless of packet size and cross-traffic, without compromising throughput.

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