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Human-data interaction

Hamed Haddadi, Richard Mortier, Derek McAuley, Jon Crowcroft

June 2013, 9 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-837


The time has come to recognise the emerging topic of Human-Data Interaction (HDI). It arises from the need, both ethical and practical, to engage users to a much greater degree with the collection, analysis, and trade of their personal data, in addition to providing them with an intuitive feedback mechanism. HDI is inherently inter-disciplinary, encapsulating elements not only of traditional computer science ranging across data processing, systems design, visualisation and interaction design, but also of law, psychology, behavioural economics, and sociology. In this short paper we elaborate the motivation for studying the nature and dynamics of HDI, and we give some thought to challenges and opportunities in developing approaches to this novel discipline.

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