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Characterizing 10 Gbps network interface energy consumption

Ripduman Sohan, Andrew Rice, Andrew W. Moore, Kieran Mansley

July 2010, 10 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-784


Understanding server energy consumption is fast becoming an area of interest given the increase in the per-machine energy footprint of modern servers and the increasing number of servers required to satisfy demand. In this paper we (i) quantify the energy overhead of the network subsystem in modern servers by measuring, reporting and analyzing power consumption in six 10 Gbps and four 1 Gbps interconnects at a fine-grained level; (ii) introduce two metrics for calculating the energy efficiency of a network interface from the perspective of network throughput and host CPU usage; (iii) compare the efficiency of multiport 1 Gbps interconnects as an alternative to 10 Gbps interconnects; and (iv) conclude by offering recommendations for improving network energy efficiency for system deployment and network interface designers.

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