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Skin-detached surface for interactive large mesh editing

Yujian Gao, Aimin Hao, Qinping Zhao, Neil A. Dodgson

September 2009, 18 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-755


We propose a method for interactive deformation of large detailed meshes. Our method allows the users to manipulate the mesh directly using freely-selected handles on the mesh. To best preserve surface details, we introduce a new surface representation, the skin-detached surface. It represents a detailed surface model as a peeled “skin” added over a simplified surface model. The “skin” contains the details of the surface while the simplified mesh maintains the basic shape. The deformation process consists of three steps: At the mesh loading stage, the “skin” is precomputed according to the detailed mesh and detached from the simplified mesh. Then we deform the simplified mesh following the nonlinear gradient domain mesh editing approach to satisfy the handle position constraints. Finally the detailed “skin” is remapped onto the simplified mesh, resulting in a deformed detailed mesh. We investigate the advantages as well as the limitations of our method by implementing a prototype system and applying it to several examples.

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