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Preconditions on geometrically sensitive subdivision schemes

Neil A. Dodgson, Malcolm A. Sabin, Richard Southern

August 2007, 13 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-691


Our objective is to create subdivision schemes with limit surfaces which are surfaces useful in engineering (spheres, cylinders, cones etc.) without resorting to special cases. The basic idea explored by us previously in the curve case is that if the property that all vertices lie on an object of the required class can be preserved through the subdivision refinement, it will be preserved into the limit surface also. The next obvious step was to try a bivariate example. We therefore identified the simplest possible scheme and implemented it. However, this misbehaved quite dramatically. This report, by doing the limit analysis, identifies why the misbehaviour occurred, and draws conclusions about how the problems should be avoided.

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