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Shallow linear action graphs and their embeddings

James Leifer, Robin Milner

October 2000, 16 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-508


In previous work, action calculus has been presented in terms of action graphs. Many calculi, or at least their salient features, can be expressed as specific action calculi; examples are Petri nets, λ-calculus, π-calculus, fusion calculus, ambient calculus and spi calculus.

We here offer linear action graphs as a primitive basis for action calculi. Linear action graphs have a simpler theory than the non-linear variety. This paper presents the category of embeddings of shallow linear action graphs (those without nesting), using a novel form of graphical reasoning which simplifies some otherwise complex manipulations in regular algebra. The work is done for undirected graphs, and adapted in a few lines to directed graphs.

The graphical reasoning used here will be applied in future work to develop behavioural congruences for action calculi.

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