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The Compleat LKB

Ann Copestake

August 1993, 126 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-316


This report is a full description of the lexical knowledge base system (LKB) and the representation language (LRL) developed on the Esprit ACQUILEX project. The LKB system is designed to allow the representation of multilingual lexical information in a way which integrates lexical semantics with syntax and formal semantics. The LRL is a typed feature structure language which makes it possible to represent the lexicon as a highly structured object and to capture relationships between individual word senses by (default) inheritance and by lexical rules. The extension to multilingual representation allows a concise and natural description of translation mismatches. Most of this report consists of a detailed formal description of the LRL — this is augmented with appendices containing the user manual, an implementation outline and a discussion of some of the algorithms used, and a bibliography of papers which describe the LKB and its use within ACQUILEX. (Some of this material has been published previously, but is included here to make this report a convenient reference source.)

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