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Two papers on ATM networks

David J. Greaves, Derek McAuley, Leslie J. French

May 1992, 22 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-258


Private ATM networks / by David J. Greaves and Derek McAuley.

This paper advocates the use of local area networks which use 48 byte ATM cells. Hosts connected to the network are fitted with ATM interfaces and run a new protocol stack up to the network level, which avoids multiplexing and efficiently handles the out-of-band signalling used by ATM.

The private network may be of WAN, MAN or LAN dimensions and contain several different network technologies, provided each is able to perform the basic function of carrying ATM cells from one point to another. The private network may be connected to the B-ISDN at one or more points.

Protocol and interface for ATM LANs / by David J. Greaves, Derek McAuley and Leslie J. French.

This paper advocates the use of local area networks using the Asynchronous Transfer Mode, where data is carried in the payloads of 48-byte cells. We describe the design and performance of a simple ATM host interface for the DEC Turbochannel together with the MSNA protocol architecture. We describe how MSNA creates a homogeneous internet for ATM hosts and devices. We discuss the implementation of an adaption layer for computer data which is able to take full advantage of MSNA semantics, and which makes use of the end-to-end ATM layer header bit which has recently been accepted.

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