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Fairisle project working documents
Snapshot 1

Ian M. Leslie, Derek M. McAuley, Mark Hayter, Richard Black, Reto Beller, Peter Newman, Matthew Doar

March 1991, 56 pages

DOI: 10.48456/tr-219


This report contains the current versions of the documents associated with the fairisle project. These include both papers and draft documents. This collection of documents was made on March 21, 1991. Updated versions will be issued with later snapshot numbers which will replace earlier versions. The present collection includes the following documents:

Fairisle: Network architecture and components / Ian Leslie and Derek McAuley.

Fairisle port controller: design and ideas / Mark Hayter and Richard Black.

Fairisle VME interface (draft) / Reto Beeler.

A Slotted ring copy fabric for a multicast fast packet switch / Peter Newman and Matthew Doar.

Universal Fairisle connector (proposed)

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