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Course pages 2019–20

Further Java


Practical sessions will run in the Intel Lab in the Computer Laboratory from 14:00 until 16:00 on Friday as follows:

  • 14th October - start Ticklet 1 (no practical session)
  • 25th October - mark Ticklet 1, start Ticklet 2
  • 1st November - mark Ticklet 2, start Ticklet 3
  • 8th November - mark Ticklet 3, start Ticklet 4
  • 15th November - mark Ticklet 4, start Ticklet 5
  • 22nd November - mark Ticklet 5

Workbook and test suite

Workbook Errata

No errors have been reported so far this year.

Software licensing

The contents of the software repositories for this course are made available to you under the Apache License 2.0. You will automatically be credited as an author under this license in the NOTICE file for each repository. You may apply a different license to your contributions if you wish provided you do so in a way which is compatible with this license and permits us to assess your code as coursework for your degree. If you have any questions, please email us or find us in a practical session.

Programming style

This year the tickers will be checking your code for good programming style. We understand that this is a subjective area but would like you to comply with the Google Style Guide for Java. You may wish to install Checkstyle plugin and Google Java style file into IntelliJ.

The testing service uses OpenJDK 11 therefore you may use all the language features supported by Java 11.

Deadlines and course requirements

You will need to complete one workbook each week. Each workbook has an associated exercise, or ticklet, which is described at the end of the workbook. You will need to complete ticklets 1, 2 and 3 to gain the Further Java Programming Tick I. You will need to complete ticklets 4 and 5 to receive the Further Java Programming Tick II. The starred exercises are optional and do not need to be completed, although we encourage everyone to do so.

There are internal deadlines, enforced by the automated tester, as follows:

  • Ticklet 1, Friday 25th October at 1200 noon
  • Ticklet 2, Friday 1st November at 1200 noon
  • Ticklet 3, Friday 8th November at 1200 noon
  • Ticklet 4, Friday 15th November at 1200 noon
  • Ticklet 5, Friday 22nd November at 1200 noon

Work which fails the unit tests or is submitted late will not be assessed. Requests for extensions will be considered if received from a Director of Studies. If you are unwell and unable to attend a marking session, we will arrange to mark your work later once you are better; please email [Javascript required] to arrange this as soon as possible, ideally before the session starts.

Marking times with a Ticker

Times with tickers are available in a Google Sheet. The Google Sheet is stored in the University's G-Suite so you will need to authenticate using your University account by typing in [Javascript required] as your account email address; you will then be required to authenticate via Raven.

Supervision work

There are two recommended supervisions for this course. The exercise sheet is available for students and the solution notes for supervisors.