Computer Laboratory

Course pages 2011–12

Computer Design

Materials available

  • Lecture notes and associated materials will be handed out at the first lecture, but PDF of the handout is also available.
  • An exercise sheet for supervisions is provided at the end of the handout (see above).
  • See the ECAD+Architecture pages for more information about the associated laboratory sessions.

Errata on Lectures

Lecture 2, slide 3

Corrected BUFT which handles "z" inputs.

module BUFT(
    output reg out,
    input      in,
    input      enable);

    // behavioural use of always which activates whenever
    // enable or in changes (i.e. both positive and negative edges)
    always @(enable or in)
            out = in===1'bz ? 1'bx : in;
            out = 1'bz; // assign high-impedance

Lecture 13, slide 18

Correction to a URL on the last slide: the Java virtual machine documentation can be found here: